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Herbal Massage Oil - Abhyanga

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Embrace the transformative power of Art of Vedas Herbal Massage Oil, a blend of ancient Indian wisdom and ayurvedic medicinal herbs. Experience the therapeutic embrace of our 100% natural and vegan formula, crafted to nurture your skin, promote deep muscle relaxation, hydrate the skin and alleviate headaches. Gently glide your hands over your body, releasing tension and promote overall relaxation. This massage oil, enhanced with the calming essence of sandalwood, is ideal for Abhyangam, Head and Foot massages, traditional Ayurvedic techniques for overall well-being.

Feel the warmth of the oil seep into your skin, easing away stress and leaving you feeling revitalized. Let Art of Vedas Herbal Massage Oil be your gateway to holistic wellness, where relaxation and rejuvenation intertwine to unveil your inner radiance.

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Big fan of your products

I already tried out many items and I love all of them. The smell, the results, the package - love it!